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Business Entrepreneurship

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Simulate starting a business venture designed to add economic value to the local, national and global community.

Apply management principles using a variety of technologies to create business solutions.

Interact with students, teachers and business professionals utilizing a long distance learning lab.


Business Entrepreneurship is a two-year College Credit Plus program in partnership with Stark State College. Students are in a long distance learning lab, with a business instructor who spends one day each week in each of five identical classrooms throughout Wayne County. The instructor will always be visible and present virtually to all students in the program.


First Semester Courses:

  • Student Success Seminar
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Administration


Second Semester Courses:

  • Computer Applications for Professionals
  • Managing Entrepreneurial Growth
  • Principles of Management
  • Global Entrepreneurship


Students will acquire a broad understanding of all areas of a typical business, including opportunity recognition and evaluation, and new venture startup and growth. They will learn leadership, motivation, communication, team-building, goal setting, planning, organizational, and decision-making skills.

Career Opps: 

Entry level business management

Start/operate own business

More Info: 

Business Entrepreneurship students belong to Business Professionals of America. It provides opportunities for competition, leadership and community service projects.

Business Entrepreneurship
Business Entrepreneurship
Business Entrepreneurship
Business Entrepreneurship