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Interactive Media

Tab Group
  • Create high-impact web pages, animation, graphics, audio, and video productions
  • Design and deliver unique interactive content for clients
  • Use the same hardware and design software as creative professionals
  • College Credits
  • Interships
  • Job Placement
  • Portfolio
Career Opps: 


  • Animator or videographer
  • Imaging specialist
  • Audio/video specialist
  • Interactive digital media specialist
  • 3-D graphics or instructional designer
  • Web or web content designer
  • Music sampling artist


More Info: 

Studetns in this program belong to Business Professionals of America. It provides opportunities for competition, leadership and community service projects. 


Interactive Media students make instructional and informational videos for the public. Call Jennifer Rue at 330-669-7095 for an appointment.

Interactive Media
Interactive Media
Interactive Media
Interactive Media