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Criminal Justice

Tab Group


  • Use investigative techniques to solve crime scenarios and to mediate and resolve conflicts
  • Develop your mind and body using self-defense tactics and fitness training
  • Research and analyze current trends and issues in public safety


  • College Credits
  • Certifications
  • Scholarships
  • Portfolio
Career Opps: 
  • Industrial or retail security
  • Private investigator
  • State Highway Patrol officer
  • County Sheriff’s deputy
  • City police officer
  • State Liquor Control officer
  • Corrections officer
  • University police officer
  • State Bureau of Criminal Investigation officer
  • Military police
  • Medical examiner investigation
  • Self-employed Private Investigation


More Info: 

Students in this program belong to SkillsUSA. It provides opportunities for competition, leadership and community service projects.

With college degree, you could be in: 

FBI or Secret Service

Drug Enforcement Agency

     U.S. Marshall Service

     U.S. Park Service

Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice