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Ag Mechanics/Power Technologies

Tab Group
  • Troubleshoot, repair, overhaul, and assemble diesel power-driven machinery, equipment, small gas engines, and complex hydraulic systems
  • Service farm tractors, heavy construction equipment, air-cooled engines, lawn mowers, and outdoor power equipment


  • Operate a wide range of modern agricultural and industrial equipment
  • Internships
  • Job Placement
  • Scholarships
  • Portfolio
Career Opps: 
  • Agricultural equipment technician, parts technician, sales, business owner
  • Industrial equipment technician, parts technician and sales
  • Military equipment operator/mechanic
  • Manufacturing equipment operator/mechanic
  • Excavating equipment operator/mechanic
  • Farm equipment operator/mechanic/business owner
  • Highway department equipment operator/mechanic
  • Custom harvesting operator/mechanic/business owner
  • Small engines technician, parts, sales, business owner


More Info: 

Students in this program belong to Ag Mechanics FFA. It provides opportunities for competition, leadership and community service projects. 


Ag Mechanics students do repair of agricultural & industrial equipment for the public. Call Craig Wellert at 330-669-7085 for an appointment.

Ag Mechanics/Power Technologies
Ag Mechanics/Power Technologies
Ag Mechanics/Power Technologies
Ag Mechanics/Power Technologies